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Arizona Judge Bans Cameras at Ballot Drop Boxes

The Fraudsters and Democrat Ballot Traffickers Will be Given Free Reign.

11/2/2022 Vancouver, WA Repost from The Gateway Pundit

Trump nominated Judge Michael Liburdi banned cameras at Arizona drop boxes on Tuesday until after the election.

Judge Liburdi banned Clean Elections USA from holding any future trainings.

Judge Liburdi forced Clean Elections USA to post a notice on their social media accounts that reads: “Any past statement that it is always illegal to deposit multiple ballots in a ballot drop box is incomplete; a family member, household member, or caregiver can legally do so.”

Judge Liburdi also banned cameras or videotaping of any ballot trafficker at a drop box.

According to far left local reporter Brahm Resnik, “Federal Judge Michael Liburdi in Phoenix slaps a temporary restraining order on Clean Elections USA: No yelling, no body armor, no video at ballot drop boxes & more.”

Read more HERE.

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