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Brett Joins SWFRW "Hot August Nights" Event

RIDGEFIELD, WA 08/15/2022

Brett Simpson will join the Southwest Federated Republican Women's Club event, TONIGHT in Ridgefield.

The SWFRW "Hot August Nights" takes place TONIGHT, August 15, at the 14 Acres Winery and Vineyard in Ridgefield.

The SW Washington Republican Women's Club is honored to host the event, featuring CC Auditor Candidate Brett Simpson.

This is an open air event with the candidates taking the stage in the gazebo to speak. Before and after speeches the crowd is encouraged to get active and provide support to get the candidate of their choice across the finish line first in November.

Only candidates which have secured the position for the general are provided the speakers platform and candidate table.

Tables will be provided in the Wine Bar building for candidates to present their literature, signs and donation envelopes.

The SWFRW will not directly endorse anyone in a non-Partisan race but "known Republicans and conservatives" are invited to attend and help people to recognize who the "good folks" are!

The general public is encouraged to attend with an rsvp system for the food... so please spread the word.

The food will be charged for at $15.00 per person for guests other than candidates.


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