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Call To Action- Volunteers Needed NOW!

Hi Clark County. It’s Brett Simpson here, and I’m running for County Auditor to make sure YOUR VOTE COUNTS.

Election integrity matters! The reason you’ve found my campaign is because you believe election integrity matters too.

It’s the most important trust we must preserve. And I’ll need your help, your time, and your energy to organize, educate, and deploy our neighbors into action. Action to ensure that each and every vote be counted and audited in EVERY election.

Making sure YOUR VOTE COUNTS isn't a conservative or liberal concept- it's an American value. One we can all support regardless of the tribe we may come from or belong to.

We need volunteer leaders to join this campaign for the next 90 days. Your previous affiliation with other candidates is not important. What matters is your passion and focus on issues we can all support. Reach out and let us know what you've been doing in other races, and also know that you are completely welcome here. Our tent is absolutely the BIGGEST tent!

We know how busy things get around this time, but just a few minutes a day can make the difference in our campaign. Maybe it's by making a few telephone calls from home. Or jumping online after dinner as part of our Keyboard Warrior Team.

Organizing a meet and greet at your local church or community center can be as easy as making a single phone call. Our Team can take care of the rest.

We currently have volunteer positions open in all areas of the campaign. We can custom fit one to your schedule and needs. We're looking for:

telephone outreach support, social media warriors, copy writers/journalists, yard sign delivery, past election workers and

canvassers and auditors.

Making sure YOUR VOTE COUNTS takes all of us. Visit and join our fight to restore election integrity to all citizens of Clark County. And most importantly, thank you all for your gracious support. I can’t do this without you.


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