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Florida Election Crimes Office Files Massive Complaint Over Alleged Ballot Harvesting

The Florida Office of Election Crimes and Security has recommended the State Police open a full criminal investigation into a complaint by a Democrat whistleblower of an extensive and lengthy ballot harvesting enterprise among Black communities.

11/1/2022 Clark County, WA. Repost from DC Enquirer

The operation targeted the politically critical region of central Florida, according to a report from Just The News

According to the report, former candidate for Orange County Commissioner Cynthia Harris filed a sworn affidavit with the Florida Secretary of State’s office in August. The allegations of the affidavit were explosive. Harris stated that illegal operations to collect third-party ballots is taking place in the Orlando area and has been for years.

Voting activists are allegedly paid $10 for each ballot they collect according to Just The News.

Harris alleged an intricate system funneled money from left leaning groups to deploy “ballot brokers” into Black communities to compel voters to turn over their ballots.

Under Florida Statue 104.0616 ballot harvesting is defined as “Any person who distributes, orders, requests, collects, delivers, or otherwise physically possesses more than two vote-by-mail ballots per election in addition to his or her own ballot or a ballot belonging to an immediate family member, except as provided in ss. 101.6105101.694, including supervised voting at assisted living facilities and nursing home facilities as authorized.” It is a third-degree felony.

Harris explained to “Just the News, No Noise” in an appearance Wednesday night, “What happens is in our community when absentee ballots are mailed, you the candidate or any political party can find out when the absentee ballots are mailed and to whom. What happens is these ballot harvesters, they know which batch has gone out, they go to the door and they ask you for your absentee ballot,”

“Well, in communities that don’t look like me, no one does this,” she added, alluding to white neighborhoods. “But in our community it’s kind of like an accepted practice that the man is coming by to pick up my absentee ballot or the lady is coming to pick up my absentee ballot.”

The OECS determined through a preliminary inquiry into Harris’ claims that sufficient evidence exists to warrant a full criminal probe as the Florida State Department informed Just the News Wednesday.

“The Florida Department of State, Office of Election Crimes and Security (OECS) was made aware of this issue around September 1, 2022,” the State department said. “After further inquiry, OECS received additional information related to the allegation on October 17, 2022, and performed a preliminary investigation.”

“Since OECS is an investigative entity and does not [have] authority to make arrests, the office forwarded the complaint to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for possible violation of section 104.0616, Florida Statutes,” it added.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirmed to Just The News Thursday that it “has received a complaint regarding alleged ballot harvesting in Orange County, which is currently under review to determine if an investigation is warranted.”

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