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Groups visit lawmakers across Pennsylvania to urge return to in-person voting

Reposted from Bucks County Herald 07/11/2022

Flags waved across the commonwealth on Flag Day, June 14, as members of Pennsylvania Patriot groups descended on the offices of state legislators, urging a return to in-person voting.

Locally, a group of citizens concerned about election integrity met with a staffer at Rep. Shelby Labs’ office to discuss the elimination of Act 77 and no-excuse, 50-day mail-in voting. Those in attendance included members of local groups Hope for PA, the Pennridge Republican Club, Palisades Republican Club, New Hope for Our Nation, Plumstead Republican Club, Tinicum Republican Club, and United We Stand.

Other groups visited the Bucks County offices of Representatives Craig Staats, Wendy Thomas, Frank Farry, and Senator Tommy Tomlinson.

The Election Integrity project began when a coalition of patriot and constitutional groups from throughout Pennsylvania gathered in Allentown at the end of April to hammer out a demand on state legislators to return to in-person voting. That demand became known as The Election Integrity Declaration. It reads:

Whereas electoral integrity is essential to the functioning of a constitutional republic, and

Whereas, the move-to mail-in and drop-box voting in Pennsylvania has seriously undermined the integrity of our electoral process:

We the People of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania do hereby demand that the Pennsylvania state legislature immediately return the Commonwealth to in-person voting on election day, with the exceptions as noted in the PA election code prior to ACT 77, with photo identification, proof of US citizenship, state residency and hard copy paper ballots.

Attested to this 11th day of May, 2022.

The Declaration has been sent to every Pennsylvania state senator and congressman, and several have already signed, including Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for governor of Pennsylvania, and Sen. Bob Mensch, who represents parts of Bucks, Berks and Montgomery Counties.

“The bottom line is, our Republican legislators created this problem,” said Anita Nolan, one of the organizers of the group that met at Shelby Labs’ office. “It’s time to return our state to a safe and fraud-free election system, and that requires an end to mail-in voting.”

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