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Simpson Endorsed by CCRP

VANCOUVER, WA 08/10/2022

Clark County Auditor candidate Brett Simpson was officially endorsed by the Clark County Republican Party at last night's quarterly business meeting in Vancouver.

“I’m honored to have the Clark County Republican Party and their more than 250 Precinct Committee Officers supporting my plan to bring transparent, accountable, and effective leadership back to the Clark County Auditor's Office," Simpson said.

"Election integrity matters and the tens of thousands of Clark County citizens represented by the CCRP deserve better."

The Clark County Republican Party is the largest Republican political apparatus in SW Washington. It is a big-tent party, run by its elected Precinct Committee Officers (the “Central Committee”). There are 360 precincts in Clark County and as of this writing approximately 260 of them have Precinct Committee Officers (“PCOs”) who are most often elected by their neighbors in their own neighborhoods. The CCRP and its Members dedicate time, talent, and efforts to electing those candidates who represent its Core principles and commit to implementing them into public policy.

To learn more about this endorsement and how you can get involved with Brett's campaign, go to

To view Brett's Video from last night's PCO Meeting, visit

To download all campaign collateral, go to


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