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11/7/2022 Clark County, WA

In case you missed it...

Since 2020, anyone who dared suggest that something might be wrong with our voting systems in the United States, was called a conspiracy theorist. a deplorable. an insurrectionist. A tin foil hat wearing Nationalist who has somehow fallen for President Donald Trump’s Big Lie.

But who is really telling the Big Lie? I wondered the same thing. After just about everything we were told by the mainstream media about Donald Trump has now been proven to be false, a hoax, or completely blown out of context and proportion- they still throw shade and cover to those who are really responsible for the Big Lie.

And just when you thought something wasn’t quite right about their Big Lie on a national level, now I must sadly report that it has trickled all the way down to our local Southwest Washington community. And it comes so well disguised, by career politicians and bureaucrats who want nothing more than to keep their jobs, paychecks, and power for 4 more years, who have been in office so long that they have literally fallen asleep at the wheel- that we can now see who the REAL authors of the BIG Lie actually are.

Several months ago, 24 year incumbent auditor Greg Kimsey answered a question posted on Facebook that almost sounded logical. If you didn’t know better, you might actually believe that it was true. It’s so smoothly written, and so carefully crafted to deflect, answer questions never asked, and gaslight its reader- you might actually fall for it. I actually had to read it twice before I realized that every sentence in it was dishonest.

It’s hard to believe. I know. Which is why I’m going to dissect Greg Kimsey’s Big Lie, sentence by sentence. Word by word. So you can see exactly how those who are actually responsible for the real lies, get away with blaming it all on you.

Over the next 10 episodes, we will dive deep into the anatomy of a lie. The lie that is being told to you right now, by a 24 year incumbent, who has never had a political challenger, who wants to keep his job another 4 years at your expense. And, at the expense of our Constitutional Republic. Where the whole system relies on fair and transparent elections.

Please watch my series called The Biggest Lie. But instead of berating you for believing Trump's alleged lies, I’ll show you who the REAL liar actually is.


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