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The Biggest Lie- Episode 5: When The Fox Guards The Henhouse

09/08/2022 Clark County, WA.

In today’s episode of The Biggest Lie, we once again visit Auditor Greg Kimsey’s public statement on Facebook that, in a single paragraph, sums up his entire political platform. In this statement, we can see the mechanics of dishonesty in full view, as likely passed down through talking points and memos from the State level. We’ll always provide you a copy of his statement in its entirety, so nothing in this series can be taken out of context.

Let’s begin.

Sentence number 5. Kimsey says,

“Also, the Secretary of State conducts a review of election-related policies, procedures, and practices at each county at least once every five years.”

There are several things to unpack with this statement. Let’s start with the obvious, every 5 years? So not even after every presidential election cycle? Technology, systems and practices are constantly undergoing change.

Complex electronics and networked machines are being used to run our elections, but we’ll only glance at things every 5 years to determine we’re doing OK? This is wholly inadequate. After each election, the auditor’s office should be publishing a report for the electorate to review. It should include the things that went right, the things that didn’t go well and the plan for addressing the areas of concern. That’s the transparent and honest way to reassure the public that everything is being done to protect their most important control over government: their vote.

This statement by Kimsey is also disconnected from his statements and interactions with the Clark County Election Integrity Team. The Auditor’s office routinely refers to the requirements set forth by Laws and the Secretary of State’s Office.

While these references are often disingenuous as there is flexibility and choice available in many aspects of running our elections, if it’s truly as dictatorial as the Auditor’s Office suggests, then what is the Secretary of State actually reviewing? At best, according to the Auditor’s Office statements, they are reviewing compliance with the dictates policies, procedures and practices. Certainly they aren’t evaluating policies, processes and procedures that the Auditor’s Office has chosen themselves, because according to their own statements, they aren’t able to make discretionary choices!

The truth is, the “review” conducted by the SOS office every fives years is at best them assuring that the Auditor’s Office is running elections according to the dictates of the state centralized power, and at worst, this is simply more Security Theater meant to placate and reassure people who are looking very generally at how our elections are run.

Let’s take a look at our current Secretary of State. Hyper partisan Democrat Steve Hobbs has not actually been elected to the position, but once again appointed to the seat by Governor Jay Inslee, who is now completing his 920th day as the Unilateral Executive Leader of Washington, under emergency order, and outside any check and balance from the legislative or judicial branches of government. Hobbs is running as an “incumbent”, even though he’s never been elected to the position vacated by Secretary of State, Kim Wyman.

Of course, you remember Kim has now been promoted to a top bureaucratic position as the head of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in the Biden administration to work on election security. National election security. Her reward for leading a state’s elections that are considered compromised at best by every leading election integrity professional in the Country.

Watch how Hobbs and Wyman work together to whitewash the bombshell story of malfunctioning “Albert” sensors in Ferry County Washington, both suggesting that it was no more than a “misinformation campaign”. But The Albert sensor in Washington's Ferry County was one of hundreds installed on the networks of state and local governments in the runup to the 2020 election. It was also found to be a potential intrusion device for hackers which creates more potential harm than good.

And while voting equipment is allegedly not connected to the internet, hackers utilizing the Albert sensor could still wreak havoc on an election by breaking into a county's network. Once inside, they could freeze or alter websites, affect registration infrastructure, or do other things to harm public confidence in elections.

It's happened before. For example, in October 2020, just before the general election, a ransomware attack on Hall County, Ga., temporarily took down election-related systems, including a voter signature database. But our unelected Secretary of State Steve Hobbs, along with his mentor and Biden shill Kim Wyman, demand that “there’s nothing to see here. “Move along”.

Now, how exactly do you feel about some perceived oversight of Greg Kimsey’s auditor office by his handlers Steve Hobbs and Kim Wyman? When you consider that Kimsey is literally taking marching orders from these partisan bureaucrats, how independent can their “review” of Kimsey’s office really be?

So when you hear Kimsey say,

“the Secretary of State conducts a review of election-related policies, procedures, and practices at each county at least once every five years”.

Now you know how completely misleading that statement really is..


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