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Nothing in government is more important than election integrity and the confidence of the people in the results of their vote–and this is why I am running for this important position.


Over the past two years I have been involved with citizens’ committees in the fight for election system integrity here in Clark County and have been sorely disappointed by the stonewalling and destruction of information exhibited by our County Auditor Office.

It has become obvious to me that after 20+ years, our current Auditor Greg Kimsey is now working for his Establishment elites, instead of for his real boss, We the People. There’s ample flexibility and discretion within current laws, as well as administrative best practices, for a Clark County Auditor to orchestrate an accurate, secure and transparent election process. Kimsey
hasn't done that. In fact, he has done the opposite by enacting further rules and codes that result in increasingly inaccurate voter rolls and clouding transparency and accountability to the people.

It’s hard to blame this on incompetence.

As the Clark County auditor, I intend to comprehensively address the corrupted voter rolls which is at the core of making ALL Clark county citizen’s vote count exactly like they should. Further, I will greatly tighten up the breathtaking sloppiness in ballot handling, signature verification, and
other broken processes that dilute the impact of real voters. I also will coordinate with other county auditors to become a force to address state-level voting system integrity issues–which if unaddressed can greatly dilute our local work.

I have the leadership ability needed to execute on this important work and to build trust and restore confidence in this office, and I'd be honored to receive your vote.

My interest in voting system integrity goes back many years. In the last few years I’ve worked with the Election Integrity Committee, formed by concerned local citizens, among other organizations, uncovering the inconsistencies, anomalies, and weaknesses in our local voting system.

The County Auditor position should NEVER be a political position. It should NEVER have any apparent ties to ever-present prevailing business or bureaucratic establishments. Any real or suspected collusion with such entities invites or allows partisan behavior to infect what should be a completely transparent and fair process. Sadly, our local execution of elections has become EXACTLY all that it should never be.

I have spent the last two years deeply involved in the fight for Election Integrity and transparency, while my opponent's actions can only be described as systematic work to obscure, manipulate and keep Clark County citizens from inspection of the election results, process and equipment.

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My professional history has well prepared me for this important work. Since 2008, I've been involved with complex construction project management with large budgets, sophisticated contracts, and hundreds of stakeholders. Such professional experience develops excellent skills in root cause analysis and related efforts to build a team and consensus to solve problems and make progress.


I'm also knowledgeable of modern technology and can effectively manage and technically challenge the use of election system computers, software and related procedures and audit history.


My campaign is grass roots. I don’t have a political history or big backings, PACs, or a Gepetto holding my strings. What I do have is the support of a wide section of citizens, of all ages and from all walks of life and experience, who agree that Election System Integrity is the most important thing on the ballot this year. More important than anything else.

I am the auditor that won’t wall myself off from public scrutiny, mislead and outright lie to the public, utilize limitless County legal resources paid by taxpayers, to answer for my own shortcomings. Instead, there will be no politics in the Clark County Auditor's office. It will become a political-free zone. People who believe their Auditor must remain neutral and unbiased at all times, will find a welcome safe space inside the Auditor's office. There’s no room for any of it in the Brett Simpson Auditor’s Office.

Honesty, transparency and accountability are the three tenets most important to being a Great County Auditor. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - let’s be honest with ourselves and with each other- no matter what we find and whose fault it was.

I’m Brett Simpson. I invite you to visit my website at Join me in our fight for Election System Integrity in Clark County and across the great State of Washington. Together, let’s make sure your vote counts.

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