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BRAZIL UPDATE 4: Banner at Capital Protest “WE WANT THE SOURCE CODE”

1/9/2023 Repost from The Gateway Pundit

Published January 8, 2023 at 4:15pm

A banner hanging on a building in the Brazilian Capital says in Portuguese and in English:


Per a retweet from Matthew Tyrmand, the Brazilians want to know what is in the source code that was used in the election machines.

The people in Brazil know that their recent election was stolen just like the two recent elections in the US.

One of the many methods used by communists to steal elections is faulty source code in voting systems used in elections.

In the US those involved in election integrity efforts would like to get their hands on the source code used in the 2020 and 2022 elections as well. But to date, these efforts to obtain, investigate and audit the source code used in elections have been blocked by the courts.

Despite efforts to block the code used in software in US elections, we know that the systems used in US elections are not well-designed or secure. We learned this from the report the CISA released when people were clamoring for the report provided to the court in Georgia that has not been released to date.

The CISA’s report is damning enough, stating that the election systems used in Georgia in the 2020 Election were designed where a bad actor could obtain access and switch an election.

The people of Brazil and the people of the US want to know what is in the source code used in election systems that produce the results of their elections.

It is unheard of in the corporate world that any good and honest auditor would provide a clean audit result without auditing the software where financials are produced and yet Americans and Brazilians are expected to shrug off elections where the election system is not even provided for review before results of elections are certified.

(Joe Hoft worked as an international corporate executive in Hong Kong and has led and/or performed around 200 – 300 audits in his career. See his books on the 2020 election steal here.)


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