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Vancouver, WA 07-21-2022 3:00PM

Due to an error in interpreting and applying state law in the administration of their official duties, candidate for Clark Clark County Auditor Brett Simpson has filed a lawsuit in Clark County Superior Court seeking immediate injunctive relief against Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey and Clark County Elections Director Cathie Garber.

The lawsuit alleges that the Clark County Elections Office sent an incorrect primary ballot to over 300,000 voters throughout Clark County. The Office of Clark County Auditor is a non-partisan position pursuant to Clark County Home Charter, Section 6.2. Since there are only two eligible candidates – Brett Simpson and Greg Kimsey – this race should not have been placed on the primary ballot per RCW 29A.52.220(1).

“Election integrity matters,” said Simpson regarding the filing. “When our County Auditor openly violates State election laws in his very own election, citizens must stand up and demand transparency and accountability. Washington courts have long defended the integrity of our local elections stating, ‘What higher interest can anyone have in an election and its result than the citizen and voter?’”

Clark County voters began receiving their ballots for the August 2, 2022 Primary on July 15, 2022. Ballots incorrectly printed with the Clark County Auditor race on them are still valid ballots and when returned by voters will be processed pursuant to federal, state and county laws.

However, due to the alleged improper actions of Greg Kimsey and Cathie Garber while acting in their official capacities, the lawsuit seeks to enjoin the Clark County Elections Office from tabulating, recording, counting, certifying, retaining records or publishing, distributing, communicating or otherwise disclosing any results related to the improper primary race between Brett Simpson and Greg Kimsey. We believe several other non-partisan races were also improperly included on the same primary ballot.

Voters affected by this alleged error may also visit the Brett Simpson for Auditor website for a true and correct copy of the lawsuit. This information can be found at

Voters who have concerns or question about this, or other election-related issues, should contact Brett Simpson by calling (360) 524-2550 or via email to

Read a copy of the Complaint HERE.

Read a copy of the Motion for Preliminary Injunction HERE.

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