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Simpson Response To Recent Media

11/2/2022 1:45PM Vancouver, WA

Tonight, KGW-TV, the NBC affiliate in Portland, will air what recent history tells us will be a hit piece on anything that remotely questions the integrity of our elections or the results of the 2020 election, especially in states like Washington.

In what is sure to be a biased and manipulative report, designed clearly to promote one candidate over another and protect the secrets of the establishment he represents- KGW and NBC will sink to new lows by producing political endorsements disguised as news pieces, complete with predetermined narratives and takeaways’ and then asking for any comment last minute to the story they’ve already produced. That way they can say “we did not receive a response to our request for comment”, or, if I was to respond, they would butcher up or omit key parts of my comments.

It’s like when municipalities hire consultants to perform “community outreach” exercises, just to arrive at their already predetermined project aspirations. Then they get to claim “we had public comment”. Classic gaslighting, used by the mainstream media for years to manipulate everything from elections to public spending to education.

This isn’t the first attack piece from television news or other forms of news. Hit pieces on anyone labeled an “election denier” have literally saturated the airwaves over the last few months. Greg Kimsey and his hometown “newspaper” the Columbian, have used every news, editorial, blog, and letter to the editor component to prop up the status quo and discount anything and everything that is our campaign. Zero curiosity about ANYTHING regarding actual election integrity. All while we discover cellular modems on voting machine motherboards, statistical mathematics which suggest that the numbers CAN’T be correct, and literal videos of people stuffing ballots into boxes- the “journalists” have decided to do what? Report on it? Ask questions about it? Be curious about it?

No. Instead, they carry the water of the system that pays their bills. Governments, consultants, and the largest corporations on the planet Earth. The funders of fake news.The real purveyors of misinformation and deception. Free and fair elections are NOT part of what’s best for the media. 50- 50 division is what sells TV news. Unity is dead to the corporate media. You think the Department of Homeland Security has only been influencing social media? You’d be mistaken.

So for the most part, we ignore it. We produced an information portal at that sources every single claim we make. We ask and answer the hardest questions there are regarding election integrity from people doing the “journalists” job and being intellectually curious. We defy our critics by publishing hours upon hours of me, Brett Simpson, speaking to you from a camera on your computer or device. Telling you the truth, and unabashedly sharing with you the mechanics of their deceit. There is no more on the record than that. And when you do the jobs journalists SHOULD be doing but aren’t- they don’t like that.

So they write, and broadcast, and talk, and post about how dangerous to democracy election deniers are. They're Mega MAGA extremists, racists, misogynists, fill in the blankists. They pretend to be fair and to “reach out” to the target of their hit piece, not to discover another side of the story or to be led towards truth, but to deceive and manipulate their audience. We’re now in the last week of an election, and early voting is underwhelming. A large day of voting surge awaits them and they’re panicked.

Remember folks, these people aren’t playing checkers.

They’re playing chess. I am comforted to know that soon, their game will be exposed for all to see.

Vote Brett Simpson on Tuesday November 8th. Please bring your ballot to the Auditor’s office so I can personally thank you and shake your hand. Your awakening to the lies and your intellectual curiosity is my inspiration.

In the meantime, the level of mainstream media involvement in this county auditor's race is literally unprecedented. It is scheduled and coordinated. And it represents EVERYTHING they can throw at killing this message. It means we’re right on top of a truth they don’t want us to see.

It means we are winning.

Please make sure everyone you know returns their ballot, on Election Day and in person.



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