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Simpson Shines in LWV Debate

09/27/2022 Vancouver, WA.

In a much anticipated public appearance, Brett Simpson squared off with 24 year incumbent Auditor Greg Kimsey in the Clark County League of Women Voter's Candidate Forum, last night at the Vancouver Community Library in Vancouver.

In front of a packed house, and broadcast live on CCTV, Facebook, and other streaming platforms, Simpson rattled Kimsey with a clear command of facts on the issues of election integrity, management ethos, election law, Auditor duties, and more importantly, glaring deficiencies in Kimsey's performance as Clark County Auditor.

Kimsey offered little retort, and instead fell back into his blanket denial of wrongdoing, assuring the audience that everything was 100.00% accurate in the vote count and that he maintains the most safe and secure elections process in the State of Washington. The live audience along with those watching the broadcast heard direct and irrefutable evidence from Simpson regarding the "horror show" that is Clark County elections, and made their comments known online during the live broadcast.

In response to Kimsey's claim to now be building a comfortable work environment for employees at the Auditor Office, viewers commented:

I'm confused- Kimsey is saying he plans to "create" this wonderful environment, but he's held the position for so long. Why didn't he do that to begin with?

Exactly! All career politicians spout the same BS. Let’s vote him out!

In response to the integrity of the vote counting machines and their black box coding which Kimsey will not allow public inspection of, his claim that they are certified was met with

"Certified by the Federal Government" is all we need to hear, after what they have done over the past three years.

Other comments included:

"Simpson is sharp"

"Kimsey looks scared"

"Kimsey is the status quo. 23+ Years?!? Seriously?!? How can a team grow without change for sooooo long?! And he's taken public oversight completely out of the equation. Sounds like the recent Jail decision!"

Simpson stayed for 45 minutes after the debate to answer questions from a large part of the audience, who were clearly interested in more details regarding election integrity, and less concerned with endorsements or silly pedigrees.

Watch the entire broadcast below.


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