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Texas Democrats Paid Homeless Man to Falsify Ballots: Police Body Camera Footage

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

09/23/2022 Repost from Kanekoa News

"Each time I get someone to sign they gave me $200... One day I got like $1200... I did it for like six months... Deborah [Peoples] gave me cash... Stuart [Clegg] gave me cash."

Barack Obama (center) and Deborah Peoples (right). Source: Deborah Peoples’ Facebook

Deborah Peoples is a former Tarrant County Democratic Party chair and two-time candidate for Fort Worth mayor.

After two runs for Fort Worth mayor, Deborah Peoples, 69, is ready for her next chapter as Tarrant County judge.

“I am this unique blend of corporate and community,” Peoples told the Forth Worth Report. “What I bring is not only my wealth of experience, but my ability to problem solve and my commitment to the citizens.”

In Tarrant County, the county judge serves as the highest elected official, working with county commissioners on issues like property tax rates, transportation, public health, higher education, and the maintenance of government facilities.

With a month and a half to go in one of the key political races in North Texas, Democrat Deborah Peoples is challenging Republican Timothy O’Hare to succeed the retiring Glen Whitley.

There’s only one problem.

Last week, The Gateway Pundit released police body camera footage that shows an officer talking to a homeless man named, Charles Jackson, who claims Deborah Peoples and Stuart Clegg, the director of The Peoples Group, paid him $200 for every ballot that he stole from elderly voters.

Furthermore, Jackson claims that he fraudulently obtained signatures and filled out ballots “five days a week” for “six months” and that Deborah and Stuart paid him on average “$900 to $1200 a week” in “cash” for ballots that he voted “all Democrat.”

The footage was released last week, but the corporate media has been completely silent about the video and Deborah Peoples hasn’t even put out a public statement in response.

On May 3, 2019, presidential candidate Beto O’rourke joins a campaign rally in Forth Worth, Texas, for Deborah Peoples, who would lose her bid for Forth Worth mayor that year to Republican incumbent Betsy Price.

On election day, May 4, 2019, Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro walks door-to-door to campaign with mayoral candidate Deborah Peoples.

Link to the 11-minute video of Charles Jackson and the police officer talking on January 3, 2020. It was obtained through an open records request courtesy of The Gateway Pundit.

JACKSON: "Each time I get someone to sign they gave me $200."

OFFICER: "To sign the absentee ballot?"

JACKSON: "Yeah, but that wasn't easy though, those people were 65 and older you know."

OFFICER: "How many people you get to sign?"

JACKSON: "One day I got like $1200. It was like four hours."

OFFICER: "Did you fill out anything or did you have them fill it out?"

JACKSON: "No, I filled it out while I was talking to them, and then I switched it around, and let them sign it."

OFFICER: "So you voted everyone for them?"

JACKSON: "Yeah, yeah pretty much. You know once you vote one just vote all Democrat... and they wasn't intending to do that."

Sen. Kamala Harris spoke with Deborah Peoples, then Tarrant County Democratic Party chair, during an event in Grapevine, Texas, in March 2019.

OFFICER: "How would you get them to sign?"

JACKSON: "I was told to tell them we were just making sure what we got in the system is correct. And they already had the information; they had their name, their kids name, or how old they was, their birthday, their phone number. I would say is this information correct? They said yeah and I said well sign if it's correct. Once they signed then they voted."

OFFICER: So was that paper ballot or on the computer?

JACKSON: Both. Tablet was in my hand and I had paper as well.

OFFICER: So then you would take it back to?

JACKSON: Stuart Clegg and Deborah Peoples. She was the district Chair for Democratic headquarters.

OFFICER: How much money did you make?

JACKSON: I did it for like six months man. I had gotten a room at the Echo. Stayed up there for six months... Every day I got someone to sign you know.

OFFICER: So in six months’ time how much do you think roughly?

JACKSON: I'd say on average at least $900 or $1200 a week. Five days a week.

On October 10, 2018, a grand jury indicted Leticia Sanchez, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, Maria Solis, and Laura Parra on a cumulative 30 felony counts of voter fraud following an investigation by Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office. “The defendants were members of an organized voter fraud ring and were paid to target elderly voters in certain northern Fort Worth precincts in a scheme to generate large numbers of mail ballots, then harvest those ballots for specific candidates,” NBC DFW reported. “When ballots were mailed out by election offices, the fraudsters attempted either to intercept the ballots or to ‘assist’ elderly voters in voting their ballots to ensure votes were cast for the fraudsters’ choice.” Source: DailyWire

In court documents filed, state prosecutors allege former Tarrant County Democratic Party executive director Stuart Clegg funneled money to Leticia Sanchez, one of four paid campaign workers arrested and charged with submitting false and forged mail-ballot requests in an organized criminal voter fraud scheme. When Sanchez learned that state police investigators were interviewing members of her “vote harvesting group,” she directed Tepichin to send a text message to the crew “conveying a message from Sanchez and Stuart Clegg to not cooperate with investigators,” the notice states. The message, sent in Spanish, translated stated: “Hello, there is a group of malicious people investigating our work. We have been told by our boss, Mr. Stuart, that we should not give any information. Just give them the phone number of the lawyer.” Source:

OFFICER: Would they pay you cash?


OFFICER: So who would actually give you the cash?

JACKSON: Stuart. Deborah gave me cash too. Stuart gave me cash. Rubin gave me cash. Then they gave me bonuses and they bought me a moped.

OFFICER: How'd you meet them?

JACKSON: I was on Race street and they had a rake and a shovel and I was going and trying to find work. You know how the grass grows on the sidewalks. So I done that you know [inaudible]. You can come back tomorrow and do my flowers. Well, I done that too you know. Well, you can come by tomorrow.

OFFICER: Who was saying this to you?

JACKSON: Deborah Peoples. And then she called Stuart Clegg to come over and said he's a good worker you know. He said hey man come on and help me put these signs out. So I start putting signs out and then I start working the polls and then I start doing a lot of things.

In October 2018, the homeless man Charles Jackson was indicted on a charge of providing false information on a voting application.

Jackson, who says he was initially “bailed out by Stuart Clegg” and placed under a “gag order”, was later sentenced to ten days in prison for voter fraud.

At the time, news coverage claimed there was no evidence that Jackson’s case was related to the indictment of the four women: Leticia Sanchez, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, Maria Solis, and Laura Parra, but this newly released footage indicates that Jackson was also being paid by Stuart Clegg, and furthermore, that he was also being paid by, Deborah Peoples, the current Democratic candidate for the highest elected position in Tarrant County.

Last Friday, the Tarrant County Republican Party released a statement that callsq for an investigation into the matter saying, “In the video, the individual explained to a police officer that Ms. Peoples directed him to target the elderly, steal their votes, and harvest those votes for specific candidates in the 2016 election.”

Timothy O’Hare is the Republican nominee for Tarrant County Judge.

With less than 45-days to go until the election, let’s help Mr. O’Hare, the Tarrant County GOP, and the entire country bring attention to the fact that, Charles Jackson, a felon previously convicted of voter fraud, accused Deborah Peoples and Stuart Clegg of paying him “$200 in cash” “five days a week” for “six months” for every ballot that he stole from elderly voters — and Deborah Peoples is still the current Democratic nominee for an upcoming election in Tarrant County, Texas.

Rumble link to the highlights or full video — and YouTube highlights below:

If you would like to take action — please consider sharing this article and video — contacting the Tarrant County election office at 817-831-VOTE or filing a complaint with the Texas Secretary of State citing the illegality of vote harvesting in Texas Election Code 276.012:

Read more HERE.

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